Tiny Ebony & Tyler Steel in All In - BlackGFs

Tiny Ebony was driving with her boyfriend to her house but she was already way too horny. There was no way she would wait until they got home. Slowly she started to caress her breasts. Then she unzipped his pants and started to suck his dick until he stalled the car. He quickly drove to a side street where he parked and they fucked. Once they reached home he dared her to streak to the house. She undressed and took the dare. As soon as they reached the bedroom she already had his cock in her mouth. Next he was on top of her, then doggy style and then she was riding him. One quick blowjob then rinse and repeat. Her breasts were actually big enough for a titty fuck. A few more minutes of in and out and he was ready to come in her face.

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